Traveller Eviction

Property owners have a wide variety of issues to deal with, but sometimes those issues come from outside. One of those problems is when a traveller comes unto a property and refuses to leave. The person decides to come unto a property, usually in his vehicle, and decides to stick around because the spot happens to be to his liking; it is either well-placed for his activities or just suits his fancy. At that point the property owner needs to contact the police, but in some cases the person may have been around long enough that a traveller eviction actually needs to be dealt with.

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The Problem

A traveller eviction is a writ that allows someone to be forced off a property and to go somewhere else. It is different than a regular eviction as a regular eviction presumes that the person did have a right to be on the property at some point; the person just fell into arrears on rent or some other situation arose to cause the cessation of that right. A traveller eviction, however, is required when a person establishes residency on a property and it thus becomes difficult to get rid of the person. While it is possible to simply have the person arrested there may be other reasons that complicate the situation, causing the person to acquire a writ to evict the person.

The Solution

In order to properly evict a person who has merely taken up residence there are a number of different ways to deal with the problem. As noted a simple call to the police can settle the matter, but sometimes it may not be simple. At that point the only option may be to either negotiate the person leaving the property or for the person to be served with a writ. As the property owner may have reasons to not want to deal with the problem, such as threats or other fears for their personal safety, professionals may need to be called in.

Who To Call

In these situations you may need to call in someone with experience in dealing with a traveller eviction. This person can negotiate the a solution if possible, or actually deal with the writ if necessary. Given it can take weeks to deal with the problem through proper channels these professionals may be the best possible solution, making them the people one needs to discuss possible solution with in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible.